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Monday, November 30, 2015

DRUMZ HOLIDAY COMMUNITY DRUM CIRCLE is scheduled for December 12th from 7:30pm-9:30pm! All are welcome!  We will have refreshments and you are welcome to join us. Our space is somewhat small and the unless the weather totally surprises us and it's warm and beautiful out ( and those of us who call Austin home know this is totally within the realm of possibility on December 12th!), our circle will have to be indoors for this evening of drumming and community! We will make it work! Bring your own drums....there will be rhythm instruments to share! We will mostly free jam but I will also teach a rhythm or two during this circle just to give everyone the opportunity to experience the joy of the West African music when the community plays these beautifully orchestrated compositions together! Its a deeply moving joy to play this traditional music together!See you on the 12th!

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Community Drum Circle Scheduled for tonight at DRUMZ has been canceled due to weather! Please join us tomorrow evening at 7:30pm at the Multi-Cultural Festival ( 2100 East 3rd) for a Community Drum Circle I am facilitating followung the Djembabes performance ! We will celebrate Community and Diverstiy through our Universal language, MUSIC, and rhythm, our Mother Tongue!
Please join us in this celebration of life!  THIS CIRCLE IS ON.... RAIN OR SHINE! Bring your drums and rhythm instruments and a chair to sit on ....your open hearts and dancing hands....and we will rock!

Monday, November 24, 2014

THE STUDIO AT DRUMZ is available for rent by the hour for $25 per hour. We have opening slots for on-going weekly classes as well as one time workshops, Discussion groups, meetings, lectures, conferences, and other special events. We have oak, hardwood floors in the studio and the space has had a number of weeklyYoga classes, including Kripalu, Kundalini, and Yoga Therapy. We have extra mats and blankets, and bolsters available for use in yoga classes. Please call Sherry at 512-453-9090 or 512-791-9516 to learn more about the Studio at Drumz and days and times currently open and available. Thank-you for your interest. Please feel free to drop by DRUMZ danytime during our business hours ,Tuesday through Saturday from noon-6pm, to view and visit the space. I look forward to expanding the class offerings at The Studio and welcome you to come and check it out to see if it might meet your specific need. Thank-you for your interest.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

These amazing women are teaching what they love at The Studio at Drumz and their knowledge and skills and teachings are imbued with their passion, authenticity, and joy! We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from these women and experience their teachings in body, mind, and Spirit firsthand! Austin is indeed a mecca for teachers in  Yoga and many of the Healing Arts and these teachers stand out as truly gifted and empowered women who have tremendous love for what they do and what they teach, believe in the limitless power of the human spirit, and trust that, one person at a time, we are healing and shifting our world.We are honored to have these teachers at The Studio and invite you to explore their classes and workshops.



Janet Farnsworth 

 NEW OFFERING! Beginning soon!

Dance your Flow:  Yoga with live drum (Sherry Gingras)
6 week series

Thursday from noon-1pm

Immerse yourself in the joys of an all level hatha flow while surrounded by the pulse and call of a living, vital soundscape. Let the rhythm of the drum soothe mental chatter and call you home.
Kripalu is a model of open and non-evaluative movement, which honors each person’s instinct as a means of connecting to one’s highest and deepest wisdom.  While class will offer a gentle to moderate series of postures to stretch, strengthen and balance the body, each student is always encouraged to look inward to determine his or her own level of engagement.  In this way, each session becomes an empowering, life-affirming meditation in motion.  We end with a deep relaxation.

Kripalu Yoga: Meditation in Motion

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Monday evenings


Explore the essence of yoga in this heart and instinct based class.  Kripalu is an inclusive hatha practice which emphasizes compassionate self-awareness.  A model of open and non-evaluative movement, Kripalu honors each person’s instinct as a means of connecting to one’s highest and deepest wisdom.  While class will offer a gentle to moderate series of postures to stretch, strengthen and balance the body, each student is always encouraged to look inward to determine his or her own level of engagement. In this way, each session becomes an empowering, life-affirming meditation in motion.  We end with a deep relaxation.

$12 per class
$50 for series of five classes

Janet Farnsworth, MSW, KYT, is a social worker, dance and movement teacher, and certified Kripalu yoga instructor. Formally trained in group and expressive therapies, Janet facilitates movement journeys for children, families, disabled seniors, and adults throughout North America. Janet’s practice, Dancing to MySelf, is a model of open and non-evaluative movement which honors each individual’s instinct – simply moving in a way that feels right – as a means of connecting to one’s highest and deepest wisdom.  Using the language and technology of Kripalu, she weaves every session into an empowering, life-affirming meditation in motion.

“We were all different ages and fitness levels in Janet’s class, but I felt comfortable moving in new and challenging ways, despite some of my own physical limitations.  It was the BEST class I have taken.”  Jane L.

 “[I]t was the most powerful work I have ever experienced. I don't think I have ever felt so connected to myself/Spirit at any other time in my life.” Malika S.
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Beth Blanchard


utilizing YOGA THERAPY
6:30-8 PM,  Thursdays
10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23
Yoga Therapy techniques to enhance health and wellness, Includes private postural assessment, chair yoga, breathing techniques, guided relaxation. Accessing tools for therapeutic healing, assisting medical conditions.


 on physical, emotional, and mental health.
Prior Yoga experience not necessary, 4 week series,  Limited enrollment, preregister.

Beth Blanchard, PYT1000, RYT500, CPU

“I have been practicing Yoga since my early teens.  It opened up a new world to me when Yoga was very unknown.  After much exploration and a long corporate career in the natural industry, I have come full circle back to my true passion, Yoga.  I have witnessed the therapeutic effects it has on others and on myself, and love sharing these healing possibilities.”

Beth is a 1000-Hour Certified Professional Yoga Therapist, a Certified Unergi Practitioner, and a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

She has over 20 years’ experience in various Yoga methodologies, which she explored in pursuit of a balanced lifestyle.  She is a Homeopathic Trainer with vast experience in that healing modality and has studied nutrition for over 20 years.  Healing has been a longtime passion, which shines through her care and compassion for others.

'Yoga Therapy Now'

Info:, 512 922 8891

Beth Blanchard, PYT1000, CPU, RYT500  
Yoga Therapy
Unergi Body-Mind Therapy

Teresa Lyles 

 Teresa is a 15year veteran of body and energy work including Massage, Energetic Practitioner, Skin Therapist and Spiritual awareness through Kundalini Yoga, KRI certified.  
Visit: for more information.

To learn various kriyas and have the experience of opening to your higher self-consciousness, I invite you to join me in my Kriya Yoga Class.
Each class will focus on a different Kriya. Be prepared by wearing loose, casual clothing you can be flexible in… and feel free to bring your own yoga mat.

The Krya Yoga Class Details
Date: 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
Time: 3:00 pm -5:00 pm
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Drumz, The Studio at 3700 Kerbey Lane, Austin, TX 78731
(Please note that additional parking is in the back parking lot.)
Class Size: 15 students (due


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

THE STUDIO at Drumz will be renting space beginning September 1st! We are delighted to be expanding the studio area of DRUMZ to accommodate more classes in many arenas! The studio will have its own separate entrance and is available for classes, workshops, discussion groups, special events, during the day until 6pm  7 days a week, and in the evenings on: Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Please contact me, Sherry Gingras, at 512-453-9090 or email:  for more information and to discuss your needs! DRUMZ is a beautiful, serene, soothing space in a quiet and beautifully lush natural setting right in the middle of Central Austin at 3700 1/2 Kerbey Lane.78731. This unique space is perfect for yoga classes, meditation, tai chi, and other healing arts. Please feel free to check it out. The space is being remodeled in August but will be available for classes beginning the first week in September, 2014.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

In celebration of the changing of the seasons that will soon be upon us and in honor of our Earth and her many powerful and reassuring rhythms, I am having a two day sale at Drumz on Friday,August 30th and, Saturday, August 31st!
Please join us from noon to six and enjoy remarkable savings on the drum of your dreams or the exotic rhythm instruments you can add to your growing collection! Two days only. All sales will be final!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BLUE MOON DRUM CIRCLE AT DRUMZ FRIDAY NIGHT ON AUGUST 31st, FROM 8PM til 10PM ( Reception to follow at DRUMZ with refreshments!) ALL ARE INVITED!

Please join us for this rare "Blue Moon", which is the second full moon in August! Everyone is welcome to attend this lovely ritual/celebration and drumming in honor of this "astronomical" event!
Wear something blue if the spirit moves you! Bring extra drums and percussion instruments to share with the community if you choose!
Cost: $5
Reception follows at DRUMZ

August 31st , 3700 Kerbey Lane, Austin, Texas
RSVP (512) 453-9090

Once in a blue moon I get what I perceive to be a really great idea out of the "blue" ( as it were!) and I act on it pronto! This is one of those!Since this rare happening ( two full moons in ONE month) is occuring on August 31st, it seemed like the thing to do in honor of Earth and her amazing and miraculous events, this being just one of SO MANY! So this evening will be A Ritual/Celebration in honor of Mother Earth and a Drum Circle at the same time! Please come if you can and bring assorted rhythm instruments and drums ( some will be provided, though we can't use DRUMZ merchandise for this circle ,which will be out front in the parking lot next to Kerbey Lane Cafe's front yard!). We will have some  chairs but please bring your own if you have them as we may not have enough!
Hoping to see many of you there As we collectively give gratitude to Mother Earth for this amazing and rare event and for all her awesome and life sustaining gifts to us!


Just a reminder....lest we forget...

Peace, love, and gratitude,